Understanding Tax Implications: 2020 PG&E Wildfire Settlement

What you need to know about your tax liability as a beneficiary of the $13.5 billion settlement.



Do I have to pay taxes on my PG&E settlement?


Understand the different types of claims,  the Fire Victim Trust details, and qualified settlement funds.


How to protect yourself and your family from unknown tax liability.


Don’t take a chance, let us help you navigate correctly.

How can the Arrow Point Tax team help you?

You may be coming in to a large amount of money. We will make sure that no stone is left unturned when it comes to your tax obligations.

First, you’ll get a Tax Strategy for $300 ($500 VALUE).

Second, we prepare you to take care of your tax liability and avoid issues with the IRS.

Third, we help you to make the most out of your settlement.

When you can’t afford to be wrong

Legal settlements can create complicated tax scenarios – for us, it’s what we do every day. We will work hard to help plan for unknown tax liabilities and prepare you to make the most out of your PG&E wildfire settlement.

Duncan Kelm, Enrolled Agent

– Tax Planner


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